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Utah is an endless resource for outdoor enthusiast's. 80% of the state is set aside for public use. From red rock gorges as low as 3000 feet to peaks as high as 13,000 feet, you can discover the outdoors at all extremes. Within minutes of Utah's metropolitan areas you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the great outdoors. Utah Outdoor Activities is designed to be your online resource to the Utah outdoors. You can explore activities such as camping, hiking trails, rock hounding, fishing, ATV trails, wildlife viewing, skiing, snowboarding and more.

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Featured Articles:

  • Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls

    Timpooneke Trail to Scout Falls

    The Timpooneke Trail in American Fork Canyon is one of two trails used to summit Mount Timpanogos.

  • Silver Fork Lodge - Big Cottonwood Canyon

    Silver Fork Lodge - Big Cottonwood Canyon

    The Silver Fork Lodge is located within Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, climbing, and fishing, and let’s not forget skiing and snowboarding.

  • 6 Tips to Lure Fishing in Utah’s Creeks

    6 Tips to Lure Fishing in Utah’s Creeks

    My preferred method of fishing Utah’s small creeks is pitching lures or spinners. In this article, I’m going to share some lure fishing tips that have helped me catch numerous fish in the many creeks available around the state.

  • Utah’s Backcountry: Lightning Safety Tips

    Utah’s Backcountry: Lightning Safety Tips

    Thunder and lightning storms are a common occurrence in Utah during the hot summer months. These storms leave people scrambling for cover because many fail to heed the warnings: the big dark clouds in the distance and the sound of thunder roaring through the sky.

  • Cotopaxi Inca 16L Backpack

    Cotopaxi Inca 16L Backpack Review

    Cotopaxi is on a unique mission to craft high-quality outdoor gear and give back to humanity at the same time. Each piece of Cotopaxi outdoor gear is tied to a humanitarian effort in one of the poorest regions of the world.

  • Utah Spring Activity

    Adams Canyon Waterfall Trail

    The Adams Canyon Trail is one of the most beautiful, scenic trails we have experienced in some time. This trail is the second most popular trail in Davis County and for good reasons: accessibility, beautiful scenery, shade, water, and the reward of the 40-foot Adams Waterfall for those who push on to the top.

  • Zip Lines at Yuba Reservoir

    The Yuba Reservoir zip lines are now open. Take a drive to Yuba and experience the first zip lines to be installed in a Utah State Park. Harness up and enjoy a 1500 foot ride over the desert landscape, with views of the reservoir in the distance.

  • Utah Spring Activity

    Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Spring Activity

    With spring here and the weather warming, outdoor enthusiast see this as a time to get out and enjoy their favorite outdoor activity. Spring is a unique, unpredictable time of year in Utah; before you head to the hills, you should spend some time planning and preparing for your outdoor adventure.

  • Utah Wildflowers (Video)

    As the weather warms, the snow melts; nature is reborn and provides us with a gift of color, beauty, and happiness. This video is a collection of Utah Wildflowers taken over many years. Enjoy!

  • The Frary Peak Trail - Antelope Island

    The Frary Peak Trail is just one of the many trails available on the island. This trail takes you on a 3.08 mile journey providing spectacular views, and up close scenery you can only enjoy on foot.

  • Early Spring Fly Fishing Utah's Provo River

    Allot of anglers have false impressions when it comes to spring, (especially early spring) fly fishing. There's this belief that many anglers have that because it's still cold their only option is to dredge the bottom with nymphs in order to catch fish this time of year. This couldn't be further from the truth! A friend of mine and I had an amazing day on the middle Provo River yesterday "DRY FLY" fishing.

  • The Homestead Crater

    The Homestead Crater offers one of the most unique natural hot springs experiences that you will discover in Utah. Hidden beneath a natural 55 foot lime stone dome is the clear blue waters of the crater. The natural mineral waters remain a constant temperature of 90 -- 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Red Reef Hiking Trail

    The Red Cliffs Recreation Area offers many hiking trails that lead you through beautiful red rock formations and desert landscapes. The Red Reef trail is a six mile long trail that leads from the Red Cliffs Recreation Area to the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness Area.

  • The Red Cliffs Recreation Area

    Red Cliffs Recreation Area is located just off of I-15, 15 miles north of St George, Utah near Quail Creek. Red Cliffs is a charming year-round camping area, but particularly attractive in the Fall and Spring of the year when the cold settles in the north. The cliffs protect the campground from the harsh winter winds.

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